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Accueil / / Nation Impact - Georges Hazan


« Here Comes The Sun » (Now for the Young to celebrate the Summer king)

Emission: Nation Impact - Georges Hazan

The pandemic exposed how fragile and dysfunctional our whole societal system was.

This outbreak has also accelerated tectonic shifts already well underway in society ;

Our conversation around NATION IMPACT could not be more relevant today, as the dust of the pandemic crisis starts to settle and massive challenges unfold.

But for this Summer, as "Here come the Sun" , WE thought Celebrating OTHER TRUE HEROES during this particular period

The NEXT GENERATION of DECISION MAKERS of our NATION and this PLANET, OUR YOUTH, sometimes Students but also Professionals, OUR FUTURE

With my today's cohort, JOSH, LEA, DANI and MARGAUX, we invite you for the upcoming moment to RELAX and ENJOY FULLY THE SUMMER

Special THANKS to :

On behalf of : HILEL Campus: ACCUEIL | hilelcampus

- LEA COHEN (Former Student, NYC Entrepreneur) For sharing about your digital community project - JSocial - DANI David KOSKAS (Physics Graduate, Social activist) For spearheading your complementary Jewish student movement - Federation Alliance


- MARGAUX TOLEDANO (Law Graduate), For presenting your readings and passions (western music, horseback riding)

- JOSHUA HAZAN (Business School student, sideline DJ) : For this program's music playlist, + your dedicated song ' World, Hold On" : 'World, Hold On instead of messing with our future Open Up inside World, Hold On, one day you will have to answer To the Children of the Sky'



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